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Knee Injections

What is a Knee Injection?

Knee injection therapy refers to a medication or combination of medications that can be injected into the knee joint.  The knee joint itself is composed of the end of the thighbone, top of the shinbone and the kneecap.  The joint is surrounded by a capsule, or balloon-like structure, that keeps the environment lubricated.  Structures such as cartilage, the ACL and meniscus all reside inside of the joint.  Medications are then directed into the joint through the use of a needle, which can be introduced using advanced knowledge of the anatomy or perhaps with image guidance.

Is Image-Guidance Required for Knee Injections?

Although there are image guidance modalities such as ultrasound and x-ray, or fluoroscopic guidance, available for use during injection treatments; most patient do not require them for appropriate positioning of the needle.  In a clinic with providers that have advanced knowledge of the anatomy and extensive practice with the anatomical technique, the image guidance is not required.  Imaging may add cost to the procedure and potentially expose the patient to un-needed radiation, which cumulatively may be harmful in the long-term.  Some circumstances may require the assistance of image guidance based on patient needs.

What kind of Medications can be Injected into the Knee?

A cortisone, or steroid injection, is one of the most common knee injections available to treat a variety of maladies affecting the knee.  This usually contains a combination of anesthetic medicine in addition to the steroid, which may take some time to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Hyaluronic acid is a medication that can be synthetically derived or extracted that can be used to lubricate the joint.  Visit our viscosupplementation page to learn more.

What we Treat

Knee Treatments
Knee Arthritis
Knee Tendon Injuries
Knee Ligament Injuries
Meniscus Tears

Hip Treatments
Hip Arthritis
Hip Labrum Tears
Hip Impingement
Hip Dysplasia
Avascular Necrosis


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