Queen Bed with Trundle for Your Home

May 13, 2017 - by : Ivonne Jonn  |  Bedroom, Trundle  |  No Comments  |  21276 Views

Queen bed with trundle is very useful for those who need more mattresses but do not have enough space to put the extra mattress. These beds usually have rollers on the bottom so you can easily pull or push it back when needed. The bed frame can be made of wood or iron, but much of the majorities of people have it with a wooden base. By using these materials may be most people think it`s easier to make it more comfortable, extra mattresses are very useful when you have […]

Trundle Day Bed for Minimalist Home

May 12, 2017 - by : Ivonne Jonn  |  Trundle  |  No Comments  |  21041 Views

Trundle day bed could be used inside any types of home especially to be placed inside the living room so that during the daytime it could be used as a couch, and during night time it could be used as a perfect space for people to rest or sleep in. This particular bed could come in many different designs of bed frame such as wood or metal. If you have a conventional style of a home, then wooden bed frame might be suitable that you could use for the living […]

Queen Trundle Beds for the Guest Bedroom

May 12, 2017 - by : Ivonne Jonn  |  Trundle  |  No Comments  |  21422 Views

Queen trundle beds are beds that uses queen size mattress for the main bed and also for the bed underneath it. It could easily be the perfect solution for the guest bedroom, just in case you have more than one guest especially if your relatives come and visit with their whole family too. You could accommodate them with a room and the beds inside your home so that they could rest before continuing their journey or after they have a busy day of activities in the town with your whole […]

Kids Trundle Beds as Solution for Small Kid’s Room

May 11, 2017 - by : Ivonne Jonn  |  Trundle  |  No Comments  |  20413 Views

Kid’s trundle beds could be used if you have a minimalist home but with a household of one or more kids. Other than bunk beds, this kind of bed might also be placed inside the room that could provide the comfort-ability for when your kids need to go to sleep, and also used as a storage space when the bed itself comes with drawers for your kids to store their books or toys in. This is the perfect bed especially if you have smaller size of a bedroom but needs […]

Practical Multi-Function Day Bed with Trundle

May 11, 2017 - by : Ivonne Jonn  |  Trundle  |  No Comments  |  20675 Views

Day bed with trundle works in a multi-function way for lounging and also for sleeping. During the day, you could cover the back of the bed with pillows and use it for seating, while during the night you could remove the pillow and use it as a bed for you to sleep and rest. This particular type of bed with trundle means that you have extra mattress that you could pull from below it to provide you with extra space for a person or two to sleep on it depending […]

Space Saving Twin Bed with Trundle

May 10, 2017 - by : Ruelle Noel  |  Bedroom, Trundle  |  No Comments  |  2779 Views

Twin bed with trundle has existed for more than 500 years that has experience many changes in models and designs. Striking change may be on the design by adding a bed frame to provide more comfort and also to prevent you fall out of bed. With the frame added on the side of the bed, you do not need to worry anymore when you are sleepingwill fall out of bed. It is also the perfect solution that you could add into the room especially because of its practicality that could […]